Dümler & Breiden 340 30

I bought this vase in in Wespelaar (B), in the charity-shop (Division Leuven). The condition is very good.

FACTORY:Dümbler Dümler & Breiden


SHAPE: bottle vase pitcher

COLOR: grey, green and ochre glaze, dark brown, inside ochre

DECORATION: Smooth texture with glaze stripes

HIGHT: 30 cm

PAID: 4 €

It strikes me that the number on this vase doesn’t has a hyphen. I wonder why this is? Does each factory has his own style of marking the vases? Furthermore, I also pointed out that this vase is marked with “Germany”, and not West Germany. Why is that? Things I have to find out. My homework for today.



  1. First, it’s Dümler, not Dümbler. There are all sorts of variations in the numbering with no particular meaning. You’ll find hyphens, slashes, nothing. While most of the companies tended to put W. Germany or West Germany on their items, they weren’t all consistent. It may sometimes depend on the market the item was intended for. Also, the East/West distinction was something the politicians created, and I don’t think the companies always liked the idea. Meanwhile, D&B seems to be the one company that never added W. or West to the marks, only Germany. I don’t know if it was intended as a political statement or not.

    GinFor’s Odditiques

  2. Thank you for the information. Very interesting.

  3. It’s unfortunate that so far no real research has been done on some of the more personal and political aspects. It’s still hard just to find basic information on decor names and designers. I’m hoping that when Kevin Graham finally gets his book printed, it will bring out more people with information. There are already relatively few of the original owners/workers/designers still living, but I’m hoping paperwork of various types (from business to personal) will still show up.


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